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Here are some of the services and products which we provide to our customers who are welling to have the Turkish Citizenship through buying a property. In order to facilitate the full process so they have a good experience with us.

Before Sales

In “Realty Galaxy” We provide unprecedented pre-sale services, so that our clients can make the right decisions regarding the real estate purchase process, as we provide the required investment advice and consultancy about the units before completing the purchase process, and we offer the service of inspecting the units according to the customer’s preferences, and providing assistance in obtaining the number/ Turkish tax record, in addition to assistance in opening a Turkish bank account for the client.

After Sales

What distinguishes our company among others in the real estate market in turkey is our unique “after sales” follow ups, as we -Under the responsibility of our experienced team members- follow the payment plans of our customers for the investments they make through us, take care of the maintenance of the houses entrusted to us, decorate their houses according to their tastes, coordinate their communication with the management offices and the rental processes, Apart from these, We make the time our customers spend in our offices more comfortable as we provide more additional services “VIP services” such as:
  • Property valuation
  • Title deed registration
  • Registration of utilities accounts e.g. Electricity, phone/internet, water, gas.
  • Property Insurance

Turkish Citizenship

Over the years, we have been helping our customers and their families to obtain Turkish citizenship, including preparing and submitting the necessary documents, as we follow up and supervise all the steps, starting from inspecting the units to choosing the appropriate real estate unit, and then completing all the procedures to receiving the Turkish citizenship document

Other Services

In “Realty Galaxy” We provide some additional yet necessary services to our clients including:
  • Real estate development consultancy.
  • Investment consultancy and management.
  • land development.
  • marketing and sales consultancy.
  • public relations and human resources consultancy.
  • Advertising and media planning consultancy.
  • International fair consultancy.
  • Sales team Management.
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