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Turkish lira and Real Estate

Posted by admin on November 27, 2021

The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a great demand from those wishing to invest in real estate, especially by foreigners who want to own a property for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship, as the real estate sector in Turkey is one of the best investment methods for individuals from different countries and nationalities, and for Arab investors in particular, being They greatly seek to make the most of the advantages offered by buying a property in Turkey, and its opportunity to make profits within the Turkish real estate market, especially with the value of the Turkish lira in recent times.

And year after year, the real estate market investments in Turkey double, especially since the Turkish state is interested in providing the most profitable returns to investors, and the fact that the real estate market provides profits for different investors that may reach 150%, which is a huge percentage and a great profitability advantage that leads to greater attraction of investors’ attention, being It is considered one of the best and strongest beneficial investment opportunities, and it may be the opportunity with the most guaranteed profit.

The interest of Turkish laws in the development of investments is one of the most important factors for attracting and sustaining foreign investments in the Turkish market, and for this reason the Turkish state is working on issuing and developing many laws and decisions that encourage the growth of real estate investment in it, especially with the value of the Turkish lira linked to opportunities to buy and invest in real estate in Turkey, with a kind of mutual trust between Turkey and investors, especially Middle Eastern investors, where many economic studies and statistics indicate that more than 80% of Middle Eastern and Arab investors in particular prefer to invest in Turkey.

Buying a real estate in Turkey is a golden opportunity for investment

The value of the Turkish lira against the US dollar is an irreplaceable opportunity for foreign investors to own real estate, as the opportunity to own real estate in Turkey is a way out for many nationalities to achieve returns, since Turkey is one of the few countries that allow foreigners to own property and obtain its citizenship through ownership, especially with a mentality The “Turkish merchant” who does not link the course of his work to the dollar, while accelerating the turnover of his capital is his greatest concern, does not raise the price exaggeratedly – as is the case in the real estate market, even at the global level – so as not to stagnate, but rather raise the price slightly in a way It does not affect the consumer much, so he does not feel the difference, and in this way he fills the inflation of the Turkish lira with a small successive profit in every residential or administrative real estate complex that he builds or in every real estate unit he sells, and thus achieves the optimal investment of his capital by rotating it almost twice a year, With this logic, the real estate investor in Turkey covers this inflation and increases it with huge profits without affecting the average consumer or the purchase of tourist, administrative, or residential property; Because his investment is calculated in Turkish lira and not in dollars, which gives foreign investors a golden opportunity to buy real estate at low prices in Turkish lira.

In this sense, the rise and fall of the Turkish lira is one of the factors to consider if you want to make a real estate investment in Turkey, as the exchange rate from your currency to the Turkish lira will benefit huge profits in the vast majority of the time, considering that timing plays an important role In real estate investing, given that the Turkish currency lost 30% of its value over the course of a year, for example, which gives you a 30% discount on your purchase or investment as a result, and accordingly when the Turkish lira is weak, you should – as a foreign investor – Hurry up to seize the opportunity and start buying and investing in your real estate unit to benefit from the price difference, or what we can call the “discount”.

In light of the growing purchasing power of foreigners due to the fluctuation of the Turkish lira, up and down, and with the solidity of the Turkish real estate sector and its ability to withstand various crises, whether economic or health, brought by the Corona virus pandemic, the current time is considered the right time to go to real estate investment in Turkey and take advantage of the opportunity to buy Real estate at low prices in Turkish lira, in addition to the fact that the Turkish real estate sector is not affected by the recurring crises that strike the economy from time to time, investing in the real estate market – as usually real estate investments in general – is characterized by being a long-term investment, which makes it one of the strongest economic investments compared to other investment opportunities in general .

The elements of real estate ownership and investment in Turkey still exist and are not related to the exchange rates of the local currency. The need for real estate for the purpose of housing, as an office for work, as a shop or a plot of land, are all permanent needs that are not and will not be interrupted due to economic problems, no matter how long their duration or severity varies, and in general We find that in the countries with the most collapse of local currencies, real estate ownership markets are operating normally, which proves Turkey’s economic cohesion despite the crises, as it is a strong and economic tourist destination that is growing strongly year after year, and real estate in Turkey is not classified as a material or a consumer good to be affected by the change in the price of the Turkish lira It is a stable source of investment, and one of the economic and important doors for foreign and local investors, and with the continued failure to raise the interest rate on funds and deposits, this constitutes a strong motivation for not a small percentage of bank deposit holders in Turkey to think of the real estate alternative, especially with the continued existence of varying opportunities that are considered golden to buy Real estate at low prices in Turkish lira.

In general, buying a property in Turkey in areas such as Istanbul – for example – is an excellent investment, since prices in most areas of the Turkish state on average are very suitable, especially for foreign buyers, with the possibility of enjoying a high return on investment in the form of rental income, where most enjoy Real estate in the city is available for rent for a period of 12 months, in addition to an opportunity for a return on investment based on the attractive tourist force in Turkey, where the possibility of renting apartments during the multiple tourist seasons throughout the year.

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